How to Get Started with Your New VoIP Services

Whether you have a small home-based business or a large corporation, you can benefit from VoIP calling services. You can look through a VoIP subscription website to find the best plan for your situation. Once you choose a VoIP service, it is important to get all of your team members involved so they can use it properly. There are some key features that help your employees stay connected. Other than setting up your contacts through VoIP, you can also set up project teams, decide who can change passwords, and set up your business inbox.


VoIP services work well for those that want to keep their job and personal life separate. You can import your contacts from other places, such as Google. This makes it easier to get your contacts set up quickly. You can, however, enter contacts manually if you need to. Unlike your simple cell-phone, with VoIP services, you can store relevant information about each contact.

You may need to take note of the department they work with, for example. You can also list them as a coworker or client. If you have documents associated with your transactions, you can also store them in Nextiva. Business contacts often have various numbers associated with them, such as a fax number and email. With VoIP, you can also record the date of the last interaction to help you keep track.


Many businesses have different teams that work together on projects. With your VoIP services, you can easily make separate groups to keep contacts organized. If you need to contact someone about a specific project or assignment, you can quickly find the right contact. This also helps those working on each project stay organized. They may need to use VoIP for conference calls and video chats while they work together. Fill out Bastet Partners’ free consultation form to find out how our VoIP services can help keep your contact groups organized.


VoIP is more than a calling service. It is also an organizational tool. You may need to stay in contact with many new people when hiring or seeking out new clients. You can add these individuals as “leads” or “opportunities” in your contact file. This helps you keep track of many people during the hiring process without confusing them with active employees and clients. This also makes it easy for multiple people on your team to connect with potential clients, if necessary.

You can get started with your VoIP service by meeting with team members to explain the new protocols. Once you get your co-work contacts and profiles set up, everyone can communicate clearly through VoIP. Create specific groups so you can keep track of projects and different departments. With a new business, you may have many “leads” to add to your contacts. This may include people you plan to interview for job openings or potential clients. You can also import contacts from your phone or Google to get set up faster. Once you set up your VoIP service, your business can move forward in a more organized manner.